The Book of Eli [Review]

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Consensus: Overrated and boring

Generally speaking I totally dig Denzel Washington movies, I also totally dig Gary Oldman. I felt the movie trailers were cooler than this whole movie put together. The action was boring…the two fight scenes and the one shoot-out. The plot was dumb; the pseudo-Christianity thing was stupid. They barely used the actor’s full capacity for mind-blowing intense acting. Shoot, Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington TOGETHER should have been astonishing. But this movie blew, and blew hard. Some key elements I found upsetting with the movie:

1. The actor’s full capacity wasn’t used. For instance, Gary Oldman is the ultimate bad guy. In ‘Eli’, he was weak plain and simple; that to me was upsetting. But I guess that’s how he was supposed to be portrayed? I dunno but it didn’t work. Where was the bad guy Gary Oldman from The Professional or The Fifth Element. Full cold-blooded bad guy, the one you loved to hate. Eli was supposed to be the good guy, I assume. I watched this movie twice and still I didn’t get the fullness of it. There wasn’t enough of Gary or Denzel, but it wasn’t their fault it was the script. Mila Kunis was terrible in this movie maybe they should have picked a stronger actress to pull off this role. She was stifled by great actors and you can tell on screen. This movie had Ray Stevenson who played Titus Pullo on the HBO Series, Rome. It was like they didn’t use him at all they just wanted to kill him off. They gave us a glimpse of what he could do then cut it off which was upsetting because Stevenson is a great actor.

2. The plot was simple and simply boring. The movie was too serious with what it was working with. I’m really good at following movies. This one I couldn’t follow after watching it twice. I finally got the gist of the plot from reading other reviews! ‘Eli’ spent 15-20 minutes setting up but it was never followed through. I kept waiting for the movie to finish setting up. I guess The Book of Eli was the  set up movie for a possible sequel. Then near the end of the movie it felt rushed so it was never fully wrapped up for me.

3. The Book of Eli definitely went far and beyond its grasp. the promotions for this movie was better than the actual movie itself. I could watch the trailers for this movie a couple of times to get more of a thrill.

4. I can’t say this movie was a HUGE disappointment because I do enjoy watching Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington and it was cooler to see them together. Hopefully they’ll do another movie together and it not be disappointing. It was also very entertaining believe it or not. This isn’t one you’ll buy and watch over and over.

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  1. Melechesh Said:

    Most of the acting is good, especially from Washington and Oldman. If anything, they saved the film from being too silly. You get a small but humorous cameo by Tom Waits. My only problem is Mila Kunis, she technically ruins it for me. Besides one set piece, Kunis is wasted and seem out of place. She seem like she’s a model for Forever 21. Everyone has dry skin and dressed like salvages but Kunis manage to have great skin with make-up and clothing that’s too fashionable. Not believable at all. She’s not a bad actor, I just think she’s miscast.

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