In The End

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And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.

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Degrassi – Fiona’s “lesbianism”

Degrassi Now or Never…

I hate this whole Fiona is a lesbian plot line. The basis of it feels so forced and…unreal unlike the other lesbian plot lines in the show. Hint: Paige and Alex! The first girl Fiona happens to meet is a lesbian? Great.

Not excited.

Google ChromeOS: The Pilot Program & First Impressions

I signed up for Google’s ChromeOS Pilot Program to test their new ChromeOS Laptop (Cr-48). I received it in the mail yesterday (1/31/2011) I wasn’t expecting it all. (I’m typing up this post from it now) The start up and shutdown times are stupid fast. I guess I’ll just do a pros and cons list. Here are my first impressions of the Cr-48 first:

1. I love the look and feel of the Cr-48. I don’t know what material it’s made out of but I freaking love it.

2. I love the startup and shut down times like I mentioned. It’s pretty instant and I should time it.

3. I’m not used to the whole ‘cloud’ concept but I really like it (not having to worry about memory space)

Here are the pros and cons:


– Startup and shutdown times.

– Access to the Chrome webstore

– Lightweight

– The function keys that are in Windows are now actually useful!


– No Capslock (but there is an option to turn the search button into the Capslock button)

No Java (trying to test Java) and no Minecraft

– I can’t get quite used to the two finger gesture for right clicking.

– No delete button

The Lowest of Highs: Villains and Their Redeeming Qualities.

Listening to A Dark Knight by Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard

I was re-reading a Chronicles of Riddick/Pitch Black fan fiction story the other day. The author had the job of keeping Riddick completely evil without redeeming him, in the end though she redeemed him but barely.  By the time the end came around you were so beaten up with Riddick-evil that you wished for a break. During the course of the fan fiction I thought to myself , “Why doesn’t Hollywood make Riddick this evil?”  It seems to me that Hollywood wants us to sympathize with the bad guy in some way, shape, or form.  Hollywood just never makes the bad guy, completely evil.

In the beginning of the Chronicles of Riddick, the Elemental Aereon talks about “fighting evil with another type of evil”. From this, I can safely assume that Riddick is one type of evil fighting against the other, the Necromongers.  Riddick does all these great, heroic things in both Pitch Black and in The Chronicles of Riddick. If I wasn’t looking so hard for him to be evil I would have missed it. In Pitch Black,  Riddick saved Imam and Jack when he could have just left the planet T2 without the others. In The Chronicles of Riddick, Riddick is deliberately caught to go to Crematoria to presumably bust Jack out. In turning events, he also helps other convicts escape too.  Apparently Riddick also has a soft spot for children [1]. To me, helping fellow comrades and having soft spots for children essentially erodes his evil facade.

The Joker is possibly my favorite villain. I hate that people want to make the Joker have a past, complete with wife and children. It’s plain sad.

Revolution In A Musically Complacent World.

Listening to Revolution by The Beatles

Music is a part of us emotionally, spiritually, physically, racially, and culturally.

Is music that’s so much of who we are dwindling? I’ve noticed lately that our music that is being put out is catchy and always featuring another artist. Across the board there’s no real singing, like

  • Michael Jackson,
  • The Temptations,
  • Ray Charles,
  • The Beatles,
  • Queen,
  • Tracy Chapman.

Artists are more interested in putting out music that sells than music that sells with a meaning. Where is it all going? When did this trend of auto-tuning crap start? Are we content with good music being in our past? Not in the our present. Genres are definitely not what they used to be. R&B stands for Rhythm and Blues there is no rhythm and there is no blues. There is always a rapper featured though. The Genre should be re-named to Rap & Bullshit. Even rap isn’t rap anymore. Rap is all about the hook. I understand artists need to expand and be different, but don’t leave behind what we loved about you in the first place. Hint: Usher with omg.

I love to hear real singing with real instrumentation with a real meaning. The artists that live on forever are the ones who go above and beyond what sells.

Can you name one artist that will still be relevant in 50 years? 20? 10? or even 5?

I will stay with my old school music and a bit of new school.

Give me a Revolution!

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World [Review]

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Consensus: Some cheap laughs but overall a good time.

Scott Pilgrim combines elements most people love: Video games, comics, love, action, bands, and gin and tonics.

I can honestly say I went into Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with high hopes. I was disappointed but just a little.

Scott Pilgrim was a really good movie, majority of the time I was laughing right along with the obnoxiously loud guy in the movie theater. Though some of the laughs were cheap, like the ‘Pee Bar’ thing. I didn’t find that funny at all. It truly was a fun movie to watch. Scott Pilgrim is the first Michael Cera movie I have ever seen. Yes, the first. His acting was a bit weird in places, but overall I loved him. I felt Scott and Ramona’s relationship and I felt the chemistry between the actors themselves. The fight scenes were visually beautiful and quirky. The disappointing part was that the fight scenes were too short and close together. After the first seven fight scenes I was a-hankering for more.  I was being kicked in the face with short fight scenes. By the time Scott Pilgrim fought the twins it had gotten a bit…lazy. Scott Pilgrim isn’t as action-y as it was comedic, but then I’m not sure if it was promoted as an action movie. Oh, and Scott’s gay friend who looked familiar was Macaulay Culkin’s brother. My favorite character in ‘Pilgrim’ was the gay friend. He gave it the flair and gay spice that made this movie just right. I would definitely recommend this movie to watch with friends.

Now I want to read the comic books and check out the video game. I loved the red guitar Hero/Rock Band shirt Scott Pilgrim was wearing.

The Book of Eli [Review]

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Consensus: Overrated and boring

Generally speaking I totally dig Denzel Washington movies, I also totally dig Gary Oldman. I felt the movie trailers were cooler than this whole movie put together. The action was boring…the two fight scenes and the one shoot-out. The plot was dumb; the pseudo-Christianity thing was stupid. They barely used the actor’s full capacity for mind-blowing intense acting. Shoot, Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington TOGETHER should have been astonishing. But this movie blew, and blew hard. Some key elements I found upsetting with the movie:

1. The actor’s full capacity wasn’t used. For instance, Gary Oldman is the ultimate bad guy. In ‘Eli’, he was weak plain and simple; that to me was upsetting. But I guess that’s how he was supposed to be portrayed? I dunno but it didn’t work. Where was the bad guy Gary Oldman from The Professional or The Fifth Element. Full cold-blooded bad guy, the one you loved to hate. Eli was supposed to be the good guy, I assume. I watched this movie twice and still I didn’t get the fullness of it. There wasn’t enough of Gary or Denzel, but it wasn’t their fault it was the script. Mila Kunis was terrible in this movie maybe they should have picked a stronger actress to pull off this role. She was stifled by great actors and you can tell on screen. This movie had Ray Stevenson who played Titus Pullo on the HBO Series, Rome. It was like they didn’t use him at all they just wanted to kill him off. They gave us a glimpse of what he could do then cut it off which was upsetting because Stevenson is a great actor.

2. The plot was simple and simply boring. The movie was too serious with what it was working with. I’m really good at following movies. This one I couldn’t follow after watching it twice. I finally got the gist of the plot from reading other reviews! ‘Eli’ spent 15-20 minutes setting up but it was never followed through. I kept waiting for the movie to finish setting up. I guess The Book of Eli was the  set up movie for a possible sequel. Then near the end of the movie it felt rushed so it was never fully wrapped up for me.

3. The Book of Eli definitely went far and beyond its grasp. the promotions for this movie was better than the actual movie itself. I could watch the trailers for this movie a couple of times to get more of a thrill.

4. I can’t say this movie was a HUGE disappointment because I do enjoy watching Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington and it was cooler to see them together. Hopefully they’ll do another movie together and it not be disappointing. It was also very entertaining believe it or not. This isn’t one you’ll buy and watch over and over.

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The iPad: Revisited (Not Really)

The iPad is fucking cool-in person.


I know before I harped on how the iPad sucks and how it’s a huge iPod Touch. I also said it’s a waste of money. This blog post is not about how I’ve seen the error of my ways and it’s the most amazing gadget out there. No, it’s a big iPod Touch, it’s a waste of money, and most of all it sucks. But may I say even though on paper it sucks, it beautifully sucks holding it. I’m even thinking about getting one, one day. After I get the iPhone 3GS and the MacBook Pro. I’m not getting the iPhone 4 unfortunately the reception problem I’m not dealing with. What sucks about the iPad now isn’t so much the iPad itself but AT&T’s reaction to the iPad. They got rid of the UNLIMITED Plan, who the fuck does that? It’s a data-extensive fucking “tablet”. The excuse AT&T gives is that basically no one goes over the 200MB limit. Well mother fuck that. It’ll be funny if I do go back to AT&T I’ll be the one going over the 200MB limit and of course I’ll have to pay out the fucking ass for the overages. If I do buy one I’ll buy the cheaper Wi-Fi one and stock pile everything I need on it. I feel bad for the people that bought the iPad with 3G and they have no unlimited data plan at all. AT&T is a horrid company and Apple fucking stuck us with them. What unlimited does is it gives you freedom to watch, read, and do what you want on your phone without counting bytes. Mother fuck the AT&T police.

FINALLY exported my blog from WordPress to Blogger

I shall dual blog until I figure out which one I like better.

I’m Not a Mac Fangirl — But I Want a Mac

I received my first personal laptop in my Junior year of high school (2006), and I assume it was an early college gift. A little more than a year later the screen in my Toshiba Satellite went out. So my Aunt for my birthday in August 2008 offered to put up money up to $1000 for a laptop. I went to Circuit City (before it closed) and Best Buy, so I picked a HP Pavilion dv6000 with an AMD Turion x2 processor (didn’t get Intel because I was being cheap). Remember, the MacBook Air had just come out then too and I wanted one (not a practical choice now) or buy a MacBook (Pro). My mom begged me not to buy the HP, I ignored her of course. A mistake on my part, I angrily insisted that I was going to get this HP and get it now. Now it’s 2010 and this HP Pavilion dv6000 that I, so passionately fought for is now literally falling apart at the seams. It also overheats and shuts off, so in four years I’ve had two shitty computers. I’ve noticed it hasn’t been anything that I’ve done but poor manufacturing. With Mac’s beautiful unibody design hopefully I don’t have to worry about my computer falling apart.  Now on to my other point OS, Vista was shit absolute shit. My computer had this god awful BSOD that seems to have rolled over to Windows 7. Windows 7 is a great OS though it’s design is based on Mac’s design. I’m tired of Windows crashing, having to restart, slow startups and shutdowns. Steve Jobs I’m a-coming! (Oh I forgot my CD/DVD Rom drive doesn’t work anymore)

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